The showroom in Krakow is now open!

We invite you to visit our showroom in Krakow at ul. Barska 5, where there are You can see all our designs by selecting and trying on clothes.

How was LaBambino created?

La Bambino is made up of two people, me and my inspiration, my daughter Jagna. It was thanks to her and my husband’s motivation that I began the adventure of sewing children’s clothes.

Sewing has always been a dream of mine, the purchase of a sewing machine was delayed until finally my Husband decided for me and bought me one as a gift. Originally I was supposed to sew only for myself, but due to the fact that little Peanut appeared in my belly, I started my sewing lessons, with dresses for girls.

My first steps with a sewing machine

Thanks to the kindness of my friend Agnieszka, a skilled seamstress, who showed me how to read the blanks and start the whole adventure with the machine little by little I perfected my designs until I reached the moment when I decided to share the projects with you. At first there were only dresses, turbans and shorts, but with the passage of time and acquired skills, bands, blouses, overalls, skirts, bloomers or rampers were added to Jagna’s closet.

Where do I get the ins and outs?

My extraordinary inspiration is Jagna, I create each garment first for her. I measure and refine so that this ,,handmade” is not only beautiful but also practical. Because it’s easy to dress a child beautifully, but he also needs to feel comfortable in it, and since Jagienka is one of the very, very busy children, there is no room here for something uncomfortable, because this little rebel will let me know right away.

I do not hide that I am a crazy person so it is hard to find simple cuts or uniform materials among these designs. I’m sure in the course of time such designs will also appear, but for the time being I’m betting on patterned fabrics, frills and beautiful lace, which add extraordinary charm and uniqueness to bloomers, shorts or turbans. Combining patterned bottoms or accessories such as a turban or headband with a practical white bodysuit always works, and as I wrote above beauty, comfort and functionality are inseparable.

So welcome to my, our world of La Bambino Handmade!

Patricia and Jagna