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    Girl’s skirt RED CHECKED with a bow
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New at LaBambino:

LaBambino Handmade are clothes sewn with passion, out of love for the youngest. Our priority is the comfort of children and the highest quality of both materials and workmanship. We make every effort to ensure that the children’s clothes that you can find in our store are stylish and comfortable. What makes us special?

Original prints

We highly value originality, which is why for several seasons we have been cooperating with fantastic artists who create unique, original prints for us. Only with us you will find beautifully leggings for children, tracksuits for children, sweatshirts, dresses for girls or blouses and bodysuits in unique designs. Deer, Bambino, Ciuchcie, Liski or Łąka are our projects that you have fallen in love with.

Highest quality

Quality is an extremely important issue for us. Because is there anything worse than baby clothes that shrink by 2 sizes after washing? Or which threads start to unravel or buttons fall off? We do our best to ensure that our customers can avoid this! We focus on the highest quality materials, made of very good fabrics, with all the necessary certificates required for products for children and babies.

Original clothes

We design our children’s clothes ourselves, and then our little boss tests them for a long time 😉 If they pass the “frisky preschooler” test, then we introduce them to our store. We do not copy or duplicate the designs of other brands – we create our products from scratch.


In the case of children’s clothes, especially the smallest ones that grow in the blink of an eye, versatility is extremely important. Instead of buying separately clothes for kindergarten, clothes for a walk and clothes for visiting grandma, it is better to choose one that will be perfect for every situation. By choosing handmade clothes of good quality, you can be sure of a good choice.